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What will the new Wedding trends be?

Let's face it... 2020 has been pretty rubbish!

With weddings and special events being postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19, it's made me think, 'what will the new trends be?'

With an influx of rustic weddings over the past few years and a definite trend on Pinterest doing the rounds, will weddings simply pick up where they left off? Or are we due something a little different?

As Wedding and Event planners, we are constantly on the look out for how to do things differently, make them unique and personal to our specific clients.

At Elizabeth Kelly Weddings and Special Events, we focus so much on thinking 'outside the box', pushing ourselves and evolving, making each event completely individual.

But as I was creating a few mood boards (snippets attached!) for my clients and their different wants and needs, it got me thinking about how this time might change the approach and vision in putting Weddings and events together.

In an ever growing industry, weddings have just exploded in the past decade or so, and until this year they showed no signs of slowing down.

Once this blows over, maybe one thing we can expect are more intimate weddings? Less destination weddings? Or possibly more elopements?

Whatever the outcome, we at 'Elizabeth Kelly Weddings and Special Events' are here to make your big day unforgettably special. Whatever the trend or the new rules.

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